Cleaner Environment

#takalangu • Sep 25, 2018

the CBO actively participates in all clean up exercises every first sartuday of the month, an initiative by Nairobi Gorvernor Hon. Mike Sonko.


Promoting Sports and Fitness

#HealithyLiving • Feb, 2019

the CBO facilitated handing over of sports equpiment by Njiru Ward MCA Hon. Mputhia to boxing, basketball and football teams in our community.


Community Social Wellness

#CleanNjiru • Sep 25, 2018

We are involved in community social services for vulnerable(women, children, elderly) groups in the society. the services are provided arcodingly with the challenges being faced.


Changing Faces Competition

#TeamNjiru • Mar 28, 2019

The CBO was awarded certificate of Notable Participation during the public space network event held at Nairobi.


Visit our Seedling Nursery

#veggie • Oct 23, 2018

Visit us today to get insight on differenet variety of seedlings ranging from native and indegenous species.


Taka Letu, Jukumu Letu

#MLCBO • Jan 19, 2018

As usual mwengenye lifestyle CBO members we in high gear to make Njiru market and its environs clean.


Hekima Model School Visit

#Urbanfarming • Feb 24, 2019

Students from hekima visited the CBO offices for a field class training session on urban farming.


Support Groups on Wednesdays

#GodisAble • Sep 25, 2018

Join us at our office every wednesday from 5pm to share challenges faced and work together to find solutions.


Chemichemi Road Beautification

#safishamtaa • Apr 25, 2019

The CBO aims to beautify all major roads within Njiru ward. this will include tree and flower palnting, painting and labelling.